Costume Jewelry
Pop-Out Butterfly Necklace
Simple, beautiful Butterfly signifies
new beginnings. Beautiful gift for a
teen or foster parent.
Price: $12.50(Item#032)
Box and poem of choice included.
To Thank You(Foster Mother)

This gift is for you
Who took good care of our
At a time when
He/She was most vulnerable.
We will never forget your
Your love.
Because of you in his/her life
He/She will be able
To give that same love in
Family Tree of Love Pin
This unique pin is expressive of the unique
way we formed our families-To be worn
with pride!
Price: $18 (Item #029)
Comes with box and family tree poem
Family Tree of Love

Our family was born out of
Out of  waiting
And wanting
Children to love.
Our family hasn't blood in our
But to our children
we offer our home as the  trunk,
And our love as the root.
And, an everlasting protection,
which will change as they grow,
but will always be
present,            we offer them as

c Chistine Lachow 2009
Gold/Silver Heart w/Heart Neck set
Stunning Neck set- perfect to give to any person in the
adoption family as a symbol of love. Heart on top can
symbolize a 3rd person in the family or someone who has
given their love along the way.
Price: $21 (Item#033)
Box and choice of poem included.
Please Note-All Jewelry on this page is
available for
Immediate Delivery.
One Set Left!
Black and Silver Heart Stretch Bangle
Stylish and versatile, this bangle speaks of
love for our forever family in a special way.
Beautiful gift for any mom in a child's life.
Price: $15 (Item#001)
Box and Poem Choice Included.
Black and Silver Heart within Heart Neck Set
Make a statement wearing this lovely
earring and necklace set. Affordable and
original, this piece will stand out wherever
you go!
Price: $22 (Item#002)
Box and Poem Choice Included.
Two Hearts with a Third Inner Heart Stretch Bracelet
This piece may be a gift for anyone in the triad-
beautiful 2-tone bracelet with an extra message of
"LOVE" on the back!
Price: $13.50 (Item#003)
Box and Poem Choice Included.
Antique Heart within Heart Neck set
For the lady who cherishes timeless
jewelry, this set is stunning and will capture
the message of love for all to see.
Price: $21.00 (Item#004)
Gift Box and Poem included.
Tritone Hearts with Many Hearts Inside
This is a fun piece that can be worn with
any attire. Give as a special gift for a person
who has shown love in a special way.
Price: $20.00 (Item#005)
Box and poem of choice included.
Two-Tone Heart/Love Earrings
Pretty earrings displaying the message of
Price: $11.00 (Item#006)
Box and poem of choice included.