Sterling Silver "Born in My Heart" Pendants
Sterling Silver Fine Jewelry
Born In My Heart

Born in my heart
Entwined in my soul
You were meant for me
To protect in this world.
Never thought I could love
Another person this much.
I will never love anyone
As much as I love you.
You were not born to me
You were chosen for me
You are my greatest love.

18" Neckchain & your choice of poem are included with all pendants(unless otherwise
stated). You may
request any poem on this website with any pendant.  All necklaces on this
page are Sterling Silver with Rhodium finish (to prevent tarnish and scratches).  Also included
with every order is a beautiful gift box, ready for gift giving!
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We Promise
There are no words to
The feelings we have for
Thank you for entrusting us
with this precious child-
A mother's love is like no
We promise all our love
For the rest of our days on
this earth.
We will cherish this child
And always thank you for
bringing him/her into this
Birth/Lifemother Poem:
Heart Falling Into Heart
Item # 025     $39
Beautiful expression of
motherly love, this necklace
will be a reminder of the
child/mother connection.
Pave cz's adorn the edges-
this piece is stunning.
Large Pave Heart
Stunning pave cz heart-
Guaranteed to generate
many compliments!
Please Note-Any Pendants on this page are available for
Immediate Delivery.
To The First Mom I've
Ever Had
From Your Daughter/Son:

I have always thought of
And now I know you
My flesh and my blood
Wear this and think of us
We are together
Even when apart
Love is forever
And it includes
Each of us-
Our separate hearts
Create one complete piece.
New-Triad Poem for Triple or
Double Heart Pendants
Two Pave Hearts Intertwined
Item#0031  $45

This stunning piece is a perfect
addition to any mom's jewelry
collection.  The two hearts forming
one piece can symbolize a very
special mom/child relationship.
18" box chain.
This piece glitters
with a tiny dangling
heart in the center-
a symbol of the
precious child who
arrived in a very
special way.
Pave Heart w/in Heart
Item #019     $34
Heart with Little Hearts Around Circle
Item # 46    $29

Celebrate love with a mother heart and the
many hearts which make a family.
3 Hearts Within Heart
Item #021   $29
Beautiful filigree
heart with 3 hearts and cz- honor birthmom,
adoptee and adoptive mom together.
Open Heart with Many Tiny Hearts
Item#47 $28
Unique, delicate heart design for the woman
of style and grace.
Three Hearts Intertwined
Item # 024  $43
One of our most popular
pieces, the large mother heart
connects the other two,
nurturing and protecting.
Vintage Filigree Heart with Pave
Item#49   $37
Beautiful antique-style heart is a
wonderful gift for any mom or
grandma in a child's life!
A Gift for You:
(From First Mother to
Adoptive Mother)
I feel comforted knowing
my child is with you
Because I know the extent
of your love for him/her.
I give this to you as a gift
from my heart-
When you wear this I hope
you’ll know
I always think of you
I always think of him/her
And of the link that we
share together.
One Left!
Pave Open Heart with 2 Hearts Inside
the Other
Item # 21   $33
Stunning Hearts clustered inside to
represent a loving family.
New Design!
Customer Favorite!
New Design!
Dainty CZ Heart with Tiny Heart
Item # 22    $25
Lovely gift for mother and child
symbolizing the everlasting
bond between both.
Two Cubic Hearts Inside Heart
Item # 23   $29
Beautiful new design with two cz
hearts inside larger heart
inscribed with the words:
"One love two hearts."
New Design!
Two Intertwined Hearts Within
Larger Heart
Item# 24   $28
Intertwined hearts symbolize
connectedness among family
members. Special token of love for
New Design 2014!
Four Hearts Within Heart
Item # 26   $35

Lovely gift to represent a
family of four. This piece is
back by popular demand!
Back In Stock!!
Swirl CZ Heart within Heart
Item#29            $30
Pretty new design given with love will be
cherished by any new mom!
New Design!