Cubic Heart Inside Heart     
Item#44    $ 27
Let your child know that you  
cherish her and that she is
never far from your thoughts
with this beautiful necklace.
Small Filigree Heart
Item#40      $31
Beautiful gift of love for your
child whether by birth or by
Adoptee Designs

From birth/life mother to
For My child

Daughter by birth and by love
I have never forgotten you.
This gift is for you
Because I want you to know
How I've loved you
How I've thought of you
And how connected we are.
You will always be a part of me
And I of you.
As you wear this
Close to your heart
Please know....You will always
be close to mine.
Sterling Gifts:
Child of Mine

You have been mine
Since the day I saw you
Since the moment I pictured you
The moment your image
Entered my heart.
Wear this heart to remind yourself
How loved you are
And cherished like no other.
I will love you forever
Hold me close to your heart.
From Adoptive mom to child:
Two Tiny Hearts Inside Heart
Item#45    $26

Beautiful and dainty, this is the perfect gift for
the adoptee to wear!  Two hearts inside
symbolize mom and birthmom (or mom and
dad) to remind the child how loved and
cherished he/she is. Clear cz symbolizing
trust is also set inside the heart.
Please Note-Any Pendants on this page are
available for
Immediate Delivery.
Heart and Key Pendant and Chain
Item#113  $29
Give her the "key to your heart" with this lovely
pendant and chain.
One Available
Two Hearts in Dog-Tag
Item#0030 $28
Trendy dog chain pendant with
two hearts together.
Can symbolize mom and
daughter or son, birthmom and
child, Two sisters or two
children in mom's heart.
Heart with Little Hearts Around Circle
Item # 46     $29
Celebrate love with a child's heart and the
many hearts which make a family.
Three Small Hearts Falling
Item#51  $23
Three small hearts represent
mom, adoptee and birthmom.
All pieces on this page are available for immediate delivery.
18" Neckchain & your choice of poem are included with all pendants(unless otherwise
stated). You may
request any poem on this website with any pendant.  All necklaces on this
page are Sterling Silver with Rhodium finish (to prevent tarnish and scratches).  Also included
with every order is a beautiful gift box, ready for gift giving!
Satisfaction Guarantee- If you are not satisfied with any piece you may return it for a full
Circle with Heart Nestled Inside
Item# 20         $27
Beautiful gift of love for a cherished daughter.
Inscribed around the circle are the words:
"Daughter, my love for you has no end."
Dainty CZ Heart with Tiny Heart
Item # 22    $25
Lovely gift for mother and child
symbolizing the everlasting
bond between both.
New Design!
New Design!
Love Heart Within Heart
Item # 25     $35
This necklace states pure devotion to a
cherished child.
New Design!
Brushed Silver Heart within Heart
Item#27      $25
Little heart within heart pendant and
chain is the perfect size for an adoptee
to wear as a remembrance of
everlasting loyalty from a loved one.
New Design!
Small Pave Heart within Heart Pendant and
Chain   Item #28         $24
Tiny Heart within heart is a perfect gift for a
cherished daughter!
New Design!
Tic Tac Toe Heart
Item#30     $24
Whimsical pendant offers
hugs and kisses to a
cherished child.
New Design
One Available