Forever Adoption Jewelry and
I am an adoptive mom, fine artist and art teacher who has used my
daughters as my inspiration, and have created a line of
adoption-themed jewelry, some of which are my original designs
and all of which are expressions of a parent's forever love.  On the
next few pages, you may view these pieces of "art" which make a
bold statement to the world about our children and our eternal
devotion to them.

What We Do

With this company I hope to bring a greater awareness of the
incredible love we feel in our families and to fill a need for adoptive
families to express their devotion to their children. Your  children
mean everything to you and adoption jewelry is a wonderful way to
express that sentiment. You can find a piece suitable for anyone
involved in adoption- birthmoms, adoptive moms, adoptees and
foster parents.

What's New?  
All new sterling designs!                    
Shipping cost- $5.00 on all sterling orders. $3.00 on costume
jewelry orders. One shipping price, unlimited number of items.

News Flash:
Adoption pendant designs for all triad members!

Celebrate your forever family day with matching pendants for mother and daughter.

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Customer Testimonials:

I have never been more happy with an online purchase.  Christine was always so kind
and kept me informed about the status of my order throughout the process of the
necklaces being made. The pictures and descriptions of the necklaces that I purchased,
the Surrounded By Love necklace, were very accurate. The pieces themselves were more
beautiful than I could have ever imagined! I love that they are custom casted. I felt like it
was fitting that they were custom made, just like every foster or adoption is unique. In my
life I have been touched by foster care and adoption many times. I am so happy to have
found a company that produces a product so fitting for the occasion. The jewelry that I
purchased will keep all members of the triad connected forever and it means so much to
be able to give such a special gift. The poems that came with the necklaces perfectly put
into words the feelings surrounding this adoption. It is very hard to find a gift to celebrate
and recognize all members of the foster/adoptive triad. This jewelry does that in such an
amazing way. I am so excited to have found this, and will recommend Forever Adoption
Jewelry and Treasures to everyone I know.
Thank you so much!
From my perspective, I think the necklace I ordered is a very, unique and beautiful
piece that well symbolizes our family of 5, with me on the outside encircling my wife
and the three smaller hearts, which are attached to her, signifying our daughter and
her 2 brothers.
Recently my wife and I decided we are going to adopt a child, we have mailed in our
application but are still 2-3 years away from completion.  With Christmas just
around the corner it occurred to me that I should buy her a memento for our
momentous occasion.  After thinking for quite some time, I read in a book about a
man who bought his wife an African necklace as a gift while they awaited their
children from Africa and instantly I loved the idea.  
We are adopting from here in the United States so an African necklace was out of
the question, but I figured I could still find a beautiful piece of adoption jewelry.  So I
went to my computer and typed in the search box “adoption jewelry”.  Forever
adoption jewelry and was one of the first sites the popped up.  
Although I looked at many sites this one stood out to me and eventually I decided to
go with the “two paved hearts intertwined” necklace.  After I placed the order Mrs.
Lachow emailed me personally to see which poem I wanted to go with my purchase
and I immediately knew I had made the right choice.
After what seemed like months (it was only a couple weeks) I was able to see my
beautiful wife open the ornate blue box and immediately I saw tears of joy well up in
her eyes.  She is so excited because we are leaving tonight, and she is going to get
to show her family the necklace symbolizing the love that is born in her heart for a
child that in all likelihood is not even yet conceived.  How beautiful adoption is, that
children may not be born to their parents but they are chosen instead; such a
beautiful reminder of the love that God has for us.
Extremely pleased with the items I received. The sterling heart surrounded by little
hearts in a circle necklace is beautiful. It will make the perfect gift for someone
special I know who has touched the hearts of many people. Christine also
generously donated an item for our adoption agency auction fundraiser which will
benefit the homeless children and families they serve. The jewelry arrived in nice
boxes with a poem written by Christine. You can tell she puts a lot of love into each
order. I highly recommend this store if you are looking for a unique jewelry item.