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Forever Mother

How lucky am I to have you-
to be chosen as your
It was my great joy to
behold you.
To become your forever
Your first mother who could
not keep you
Suffered an immeasurable
So, I promise both of you
I will always be there
to try and fill the empty
To dry your salty tears.
Forever in my heart I will
keep you.
Forever in her heart she
will hold you.
Each of us together
forever in your heart.
Surrounded by Love

This necklace is for you
My child
My love
My everything
I hope you always think of us
Your two mothers
Your connection is to us both
but in different ways.
I- the one who
Gave you the courage,
values and strength
To live your life.
And she-
The one who gave you life.
Small size pendant & chain
Sterling $

Large size pendant & chain
This piece is titled "Born in My Heart" and written in
Chinese characters.
You choose your child's birthstone, which is a colored cz,
set inside the heart.
Metal is Sterling Silver. An 18" chain and original poem
included- also boxed for gift giving!
Please Note- After placing your order please specify
which birthstone you choose.
*$5.00 charge per extra birthstone.
This piece is titled,"Forever Mother"
and is a wonderful gift for an adoptive mom of a
child from China.
I designed this piece with my daughter in mind.
Mother is holding child and the piece is highly
polished to resemble a shiny coin.  The Chinese
characters state that you are the Forever/Eternal
mother.  Metal choice: Sterling Silver- comes
with  18"chain and original poem at left- also  
boxed for gift giving!
Forever Mother
Sterling Silver $83.00(Item#014)
(Silver Pendant and Chain)
Special Pendant  for Adoptees:
This lovely piece was especially designed for the
adoptee.  The title is "
Surrounded by Love" and was
originally made for the adoptive mom to give her child as
a validation of his/her connection to his/her two
mothers.  Each heart carries a different meaning- the
middle heart symbolizes the adoptee(with child's
birthstone inserted)the left heart is the adoptive
mom(cut-out hearts mean 'born in my heart')and the
right heart(with inscribed stars)symbolizes the
birthmom, as she will always be in the adoptee's
thoughts, (and vice versa)as are stars in the sky.  This
piece can also be worn by any member of the adoption
triad- and is a beautiful gift of love to a child's
birth/life/first mom.  Comes with pendant and chain and
original poem-also boxed for gift giving!
Please Note: After placing your order please specify
which birthstone you choose.
*$5.00 charge per extra birthstone.
Surrounded by Love
Pendant & Chain
Sterling Silver Pendant&Chain
105.00 (Item#016)
Forever Grandma
Round Coin Pendant&
Sterling Silver
All original designs and poems are the
exclusive copywright of Christine
Forever Grandma

You are the special link
To our forever family
You are forever my mentor
Forever my friend
The one to look up to
Time and time again
To ask your advice
And know it is the truth
I am so glad
we found our way to one
Born In My Heart-(English)
Pendant & Chain (Item #2)
Sterling Silver $
Temporarily Unavailable
This piece is titled
"Forever Grandma"
it is a touching gift for your
child's grandma-  sure to
make her cry! An addition
to our exclusive line, this
pendant and chain comes
with poem to the left and
box for gift giving!
Born In My Heart(Chinese)
Child By Birth

Child by birth
I have never forgotten you.
This gift is for you
Because I want you to know
How I've always thought of
And how connected we are.
You will always be a part of
And I of you.
Please think of us-
As you wear this
Close to your heart
And know....You will always
be close to mine.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for order to be filled for Born In My Heart and
Surrounded by Love pieces.  These are all custom designs and
birthstones must be inserted as pieces are cast.  
Forever Mother and
Grandma are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Satisfaction Guarantee- If you are not satisfied with any piece you
may return it for a full refund.
Please Note-  All the pieces on this page are custom made and need to be individually casted.
Born In My Heart

Born in my heart
Entwined in my soul
You were meant for me
To protect in this world.

Never thought I could love
Another person this much
I will never love anyone
As much as I love you

You were not born to me
You were chosen for me
You are my greatest love.
Original Designs-Each Piece is custom casted and cannot be found anywhere else!